Sometimes it's Best to Begin in the Middle

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  • It´s amazing to think we are already halfway through 2011! For many of us, summer is winding down and budget preparation for 2012 is just beginning.  While working on a variety of strategic plans over the years, I´ve learned it´s important to consider the following:
  • Everything isn´t always linear. I spoke with a colleague recently who knows he needs to make some changes in his organization, but he isn´t sure where, or how, to begin. He wants to go through each department separately, but it just isn´t working out.  Recognize that everything isn´t neatly arranged 100% of the time, especially in real estate management.  Sometimes, it just works out better to start in the middle.
  • Relay the vision: These days, being one step closer to your customers is vital, as is an understanding of what your company really does.  Surprisingly, when I interview employees as part of a strategic evaluation, they aren´t always sure what the company´s vision is.  So include your team in the vision; it´s a good investment. After all, it´s all about what will get your company closer to its goals: providing solutions for your clients.

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