Want New Growth? Try these 2 Tips for a Fresh Perspective!

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It´s interesting what you can pick up just by listening to the buzz around you. I´m at a conference this week and have come away with a lot of good tips, to be sure. Perhaps the most timely and useful ones are the nuggets I´ve picked up from just keeping my ears open. Try these two tips on for size if you´re looking for ways to grow your company (and who isn´t?).

  • Listen, listen, listen…to your clients, that is. After all, it´s about what they want.  I´m reminded of a colleague who once told me that he thought he had good a good leasing and management team, but if they could learn to listen and hear at the same time they´d be rock stars!
  • Leadership development…don´t shoot yourself in the foot.  If you have a leadership development program in place, great. If not, the time to do it really is now: you can´t grow your business without it. Start out with simple steps. Invite your team to join a webinar, or allocate development time during your monthly or quarterly meetings.

If you get started in these two areas now, you´ll not only have a different perspective, but it will pay off in the way your business grows.

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