Are You Persuasive? 3 Traits of Persuasive People

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Think about it: we all persuade people in our everyday lives. In the business world we persuade our clients, our employees, our customers and our counterparts to take action. We motivate and influence others to buy a produce, negotiate a deal, hire an employee or make a decision.  Developing good persuasion skills will put you ahead of the pack.  Of course, possessing natural charisma is a great start, but here are 3 other important traits which make an impact in the workplace:

Knowledge and reputation:   Over the past few years we´ve all been so busy keeping our heads above water that we may not have concentrated on our own skill set.  Now is a great time to sharpen your own skills. Why not take a class, participate in an online forum, or write an article? It will keep you on your toes!

Superb listening skills: A colleague once confided that if his team could both listen and hear at the same time, he´d have the best real estate company in the world.   How often are we so anxious to relay information to a client or a tenant that we forget to listen to their point of view?  At your next monthly or quarterly team meeting, try conducting a role play with your team, using a real-life example: it´s a great way to practice.

Convey your vision: Often, we do a lot of work to create vision and mission statements for our companies.  If you want to get your team to buy-in and market your company at the same time, be sure to clearly communicate that vision to everyone on your team; it´s time well-spent.

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