Real Estate Management: The Adventure! Who Knew?

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Did you plan to have a career in property management?   I don´t know about you, but I started my career in the hotel field and fell into property management completely by accident, and what an adventure it´s been.  Who knew that I´d be fortunate enough to be able to work for excellent companies, meet great colleagues and train and mentor great employees-here, there and everywhere! My travels in the name of real estate management have taken me to Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Georgia, China, South Korea and Portugal. Who knew?

I´ve recently had the pleasure of addressing real estate managers throughout California and Hawaii. Often, I´ll ask how many of them planned a career in this field or even better, how many actually went to school for it. No matter the size of the group-25 or 100-the response is usually similar: one or two hands go up. The moral of this story is that you may not always end up where you started out, but it can be a great adventure along the way.

Where did you start out? I´d love to hear your experience!

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  1. I actually started out in production management at a printing company out of college. From there I moved into advertising, which was one of my minors in college along with a business major. I eventually started my own company doing marketing and advertising for real estate and lending institutions which required me to obtain a real estate license in order to train sales people. The rest is history.

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