What Does Your Message Say? Key Questions You Can Ask

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It´s a fact.  Communication and transparency count in today´s workplace, more than ever before. While it´s true that you don´t have to tell everyone everything, clients and employees who feel that management communicates well with them are more likely to want to work with- and for- you.

When I work with companies on how to better position their companies for growth, I often conduct internal interviews to discover different viewpoints about the organization. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when you´re working on your communication strategy:

Is management clearly communicating direction? You´d be surprised how many employees don´t have a good sense of what they´re supposed to do.  And if they aren´t certain, customer satisfaction suffers. Make certain that your strategic vision for the company makes its way down to the front line.

Do employees have a sense of progress? There´s nothing worse than spinning your wheels. In fact, it can be toxic.  People like to talk about what they love, and if they feel a sense of accomplishment, they´ll be engaged in their work.  Conversely, unhappy team members also spread the word- fast!

Does top management exhibit true concern for employees´ well-being? When I first started out in business, I worked for a manager who made it a point to say “thank you” to each employee every day. The lesson has stayed with me: everyone wants to know their work is valued and respected.

The world´s most admired companies are at the top of the heap for a reason.  Top companies have a sense of shared values, vision and communication. Now´s the time to think about the picture you present to the world and decide how you can convey your message.


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