7 Things Leaders MUST Have

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I admit it: I’m addicted to leadership. One of my favorite, unofficial leadership “mentors” is Jack Welch. Here’s my take on the 7 things Welch says are most important for today’s leaders:

Highly collaborative: Face it, we’re not a team of one. The best thing you can do to make both you and your company successful—is to surround yourself with the best and brightest, especially if they’re better than you.

Ability to work with diverse teams: Perspective counts.  Even if you work for a small firm, you’ve got to be global now.

Ability to ignite them to work together:  This may be third on the list, but it’s probably the most important.  If you can’t ignite and inspire your team, not much else matters.

Guts to make tough decisions: This can be difficult, indeed. Leaders today have to have the innate ability to assess performance and know how to move an organization forward—and to make decisions that count when it doesn’t.

Endurance to execute:  You’ve heard it said there are a lot of great ideas out there—the internet today is a constant feed of ideas all by itself. What really matters is leaders who can actually focus, implement and get the job done.

Resilience: Sometimes, just toughing it out takes a lot of energy. Staying power makes all the difference.

6th Sense:  I have what I call a finely honed “baloney meter”, courtesy of my early experience in the hospitality field.  A highly tuned 6th sense can serve you well—whether it’s your instinct on who to hire, who to fire, or which clients to take.

It’s a good time to look at your leadership style. Do you have what it takes?



  1. Important tip for contemporary leaders. Jach is always a reference.
    Shannon, thanks for share.

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