What's Your A-ha Factor?

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You’re getting ready to pitch a prospective client. You’ve written your proposal, created the best team and highlighted how your product or services will benefit your potential customer. Reviewing your proposal just one last time, you know there’s something else you should do, but you can’t put a finger on it. What on earth is it?

When I work with clients, I like to encourage them to leave room for what I call the “A-ha” factor.  Think about these questions the next time you’re preparing a new pitch: What will make your prospective customer sit up and take notice? Can you show them how your work will help them win in business? And most importantly, what does your future customer stand to lose if they don’t hire you? This is the “a-ha” part of your proposal.

Experts say we have about 90 seconds to convince someone to do something, tops. If you want to be pitch-perfect in your next proposal, think about how  you’ll use your 90 seconds.




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