Want a More Productive Workplace? 3 Tactics to Get You Started

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How productive is your workplace? Today the buzz is not only about productivity, it’s about how it translates to performance.  I found some great tactics to get you started in Jones Lang LaSalle’s white paper on the topic:  “Workplace Productivity: Workplace Strategy’s Transformative Role”. Here’s my take on their tips:

  • Leverage your workspace: Sure, we all want to lower our employee costs, but now’s the time to get creative. The cubicles of old just won’t cut it for today’s Millenials.  Think about it: how do you want your company to work, not only today, but in the future?
  • Increased engagement: A productive workplace is designed to enhance and even create increased engagement for our teams. A recent Gallup poll estimates that 49% of our workforce is actually disengaged. In my strategic planning work with all types of companies,   I’ve discovered that, for the most part, people really do want to be involved and engaged. So why are you waiting? Give ‘em what they came for!
  • Collaboration is the name of the game: It’s all about the “we” today. Take the opportunity to give people the tools and technology they need to do their jobs and development opportunities to grow and learn, and they’ll stay with you. That’s loyalty you can’t buy. Do it now.
What are your best workplace strategies? I’d love to hear them!

For more info, see the complete whitepaper here.

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