Customer Service: The Eyes Have It

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How do you define exceptional customer service? There’s no doubt that great  service begins with our ability to connect with our customers—both internal and external, each and every time. Consider that experts say that it takes us only 2 seconds to decide how we feel about someone and I think you’ll agree that it pays to start out on the right foot. In fact, I’ll share more strategic tactics and ways that YOU can create exceptional customer service in my content-packed September 6 seminar, “Exceptional Customer Service, Lessons from the Shark Tank”. Click here for more information and registration details.

Check your customer service connection with this quick exercise: Whether you’re at work with clients, in a staff meeting or even doing errands, try to make eye contact with everyone you meet for the entire day. In different parts of the world, we may be used to holding someone’s gaze for a shorter—or longer—period of time, but the goal is to be reasonable. Sounds easy so far, right?  You can do this today:  try to remember the eye color of each customer you see during the day-it’s a great way to keep your focus and really listen to what they have to say.


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