The Dark Side: 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Your Customers

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Want to keep the customers you’ve got?  Here are four ways NOT  to lose your customers.

4.  Rely solely on electronics: Sure, almost everyone is connected 24/7 these days, but sometimes you just have to look up from the keyboard. If you really want to differentiate yourself and your company, think about making actual, personal contact with your customers. Pick up the phone or send a quick email. Better yet, send a handwritten note thanking them for their business.

3. Follow up when you’re ready: Here’s the thing-it’s not all about YOU, it’s about THEM. If you’ve ever taken your car in for service and waited…and waited…and waited some more, until someone finally calls you back with a status report–well, you know what I mean. Sometimes we lose in the service game simply because we wait too long to follow up, or forget to do it at all.  Give it a try-even if you don’t have a complete answer for your customers right away, I’ll bet they will appreciate a call saying you’re working on it.

2. Fail to fix the real problem: As my grandma would have said, no’w the time to put your listening ears on! We’re often so eager to get a problem off our desk that we rush ahead and answer as quickly as possible. While quickness is indeed appreciated, we may be actually answering the wrong problem. So, listen up and make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Poor service recovery: What’s the #1 way to lose your customers?  Poor service recovery, bar none. People expect mistakes. They also expect us to fix them. Studies say that nearly 96% of customers will do business with a company again, if the issue at hand is resolved quickly.

Want to keep your customers? It’s an easy choice. For more information and a tailored workshop for our team, check out “Exceptional Customer Service: Lessons from the Shark Tank”. 

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