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I was lucky. Early on in my career I worked for a manager whose first task everyday was to get out of her office.  No doubt she had piles of paperwork, as we all do. But she made it her mission to go through different departments, chatting with employees, from housekeeping to the front door staff to accounting. Here’s the thing: she listened. To whatever they had to say. Were the employees loyal to her? You bet. What was her secret? She was genuine, transparent and trusted.

Lately, I’ve been asking colleagues and clients how they corner their niche in the market. Of course, there are many factors, but take a look at what really counts:

Reputation, happy employees and transparency = happier customers.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting where someone (everyone) is on their Smartphone, try this homework next time: try to really listen. Don’t check your emails or think about your to-do list. Just listen. When you earn trust, it’s like holding the key to future business- right in your hand.

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