Want to develop new business NOW? 3 lessons from the road

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Like many of us, I´ve logged a fair amount of travel time this year. No matter whether you´re on an airplane on the way to a client visit or in your car on the way to a property, you might as well make the most of it. I admit that for me, almost anything is fodder for a story, so I like to see what business tips I can glean when I travel. Here are a few of the pearls of wisdom I´ve collected along the way.

Listen to your team: Last week I had the pleasure of training a great team on sales and presentation skills. The group was happy to be there and eager to learn tactics to help them win new business. True, they would have to make up for several days out of the office, but they plunged right in. “We asked for this training”, they told me. The lesson? Employees really do want to have a learning and development plan. So when you’re done reading this, go back to your office and work on your plan to invest in them today: you´ll be surprised at the payoff.

Borrow from the best: Waiting for a flight on Delta recently, I was surprised to see the gate agents greeting deplaning passengers as they entered the terminal– “Welcome to Atlanta”, they said. And they actually smiled! But Delta wasn´t done yet. Shortly before our flight landed in Los Angeles, flight attendants came through the aisles, personally thanking passengers for their business. Oddly, we passengers looked at each other as if we´d been transported to an alien world-we evidently weren´t used to such nice service.  Will I find a way to borrow their idea? Definitely! Will I go back? You bet!

Listen to your potential customers: Do they understand what you do? If you occasionally have a chance to chat with fellow passengers, it may be a good opportunity to practice your elevator pitch. I´m not suggesting a hard sell-in fact, just the opposite. Try to say what you do into 30 seconds or less.  You´ll have lots of time to polish it up while you´re on the road!

How will you make the most of your next flight? Me, I´ll be working on my elevator pitch.

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