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It’s been a Monday. You haven’t even had your coffee yet and you just want to put your head in your hands. On your way into the office, one of your managers located in another city called to say she just fired her assistant—over the phone. As you turn on your com­puter, you hear two of your top managers in the midst of a verbal tussle. Immediately, you see an e-mail from your accounting manager regarding a missed deadline. And before you have a chance to pick up that coffee cup, your best customer is on the phone with—you guessed it—a problem. Whew. You’re weary already.

You’re beginning to feel more than a little panicked. Your company is finally to the point where your busi­ness is expanding and you are beginning to attract more (and better customers) and you know that hav­ing a great team is paramount. How do you do it?

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