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    Getting to YES: Making Your Pitch Perfect

    Are you wondering how to make your next pitch just perfect? If you know there’s something else you should do but just can’t nail it, we’ll show you 3 tried-and-true strategies in this article. And if you’d like to know more about making your best pitch and presenting your next proposal, take a look at …

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  • Picture1

    Lightning in a Bottle: Can You Catch It?

    Effective marketing is often like chasing lightning in a bottle; you have to capture it before the opportunity slips through your fingers. Read on and discover two areas you can focus on today!

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  • 3 Tips to Power Up Your Pitch-Alter Consulting Group

    3 Tips to Power Up Your Pitch

    Make sure your presentations are client-worthy!

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  • Five in Five Febrauary 2014 (600 pixels)

    FIVE Great Strategies in Five Minutes

    We all have simple (well, sometimes) requests when we travel.  If you’re like me, sometimes seemingly straightforward requests can and do go sideways.  Simplicity often works best when we’re marketing too.  Follow along for FIVE quick but effective marketing strategies you can really use RIGHT NOW!

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  • Marketing Solutions-Danger Will Robinson Nov-Dec 2013

    Danger, Will Robinson! 3 Strategies You Can Use!

    Have you ever seen the classic TV show “Lost in Space”? If so, you know that the Robot  shouts “Danger, Will Robinson!” anytime the main character (Will, of course) is in peril or overlooks something crucial.  In our instant world, it’s all too easy to overlook 3 marketing must-haves–strategies you can use with your team …

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