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The Secret to Laser-Focus? Don’t Avoid the Trees

laser focus eyeball

It can be tough to laser-focus on new strategies at this time of  the year.  If you’ve traveled lately, you know what I mean. On a recent flight overseas, I found myself in­tently focused on my seat. Well, actually, on the seat in front of me. With the screen barely a foot away, even movie …

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Do They Love Ya? 4 Talent Retention Mistakes to Avoid


Who doesn’t want to retain top talent?.

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Getting to YES: How to Make Your Pitch Perfect

megaphone pitch

Looking for your perfect elevator pitch? Perusing the New York Times one Sunday morning, I mused for a mo­ment about an ad for a Knife Coach (for those short on cooking abilities), a Life Coach (just in case you’re missing life skills) and a Wantologist (to help you figure out what you want). Who knew? …

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It’s Turkey Time! 3 Ways to Cure Holiday Distraction

shopping bags-with woman holding them

Are you suffering from a little holiday distraction? I don’t know about you, but it’s easy enough to get diverted during the holiday season. If you’ve been shopping (even in the grocery store) lately,  you know what I mean-this is the time of year everyone (including me) marvels at how the year just seemed to …

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It’s a whole new (leadership) world!


What a pleasure working with this talented leadership group in Mumbai, India!  

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