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Getting to YES: How to Make Your Pitch Perfect

megaphone pitch

Looking for your perfect elevator pitch? Perusing the New York Times one Sunday morning, I mused for a mo­ment about an ad for a Knife Coach (for those short on cooking abilities), a Life Coach (just in case you’re missing life skills) and a Wantologist (to help you figure out what you want). Who knew? …

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Where did all the customer service go?

dog sleeping

So, where did all the customer service go? I’m afraid it’s all gone to the dogs, as the saying goes. Superior, delightful, attentive customer service, that is.  Just yesterday, I had an outstandingly difficult customer experience with a major worldwide hotel chain.  Routinely confirming my hotel reservation in advance, I discovered that my name  had …

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The Dark Side: 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Your Customers

lightening bolt

Want to keep the customers you’ve got?  Here are four ways NOT  to lose your customers. 4.  Rely solely on electronics: Sure, almost everyone is connected 24/7 these days, but sometimes you just have to look up from the keyboard. If you really want to differentiate yourself and your company, think about making actual, personal contact with …

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Customer Service: The Eyes Have It


How do you define exceptional customer service? There’s no doubt that great  service begins with our ability to connect with our customers—both internal and external, each and every time. Consider that experts say that it takes us only 2 seconds to decide how we feel about someone and I think you’ll agree that it pays …

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Where Did All the Customer Service Go?

girl with magnifying glass

Has it disappeared? Did someone sell it? Perhaps they gave it away. I’m just kidding of course, but the fact is: we’ve gotten used to poor (even just plain lousy) customer service (and customer satisfaction) in business today.   Here are 3 solid customer service tips you can use in your company today. In fact, I’ll share …

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