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The Secret to Laser-Focus? Don’t Avoid the Trees

laser focus eyeball

It can be tough to laser-focus on new strategies at this time of  the year.  If you’ve traveled lately, you know what I mean. On a recent flight overseas, I found myself in­tently focused on my seat. Well, actually, on the seat in front of me. With the screen barely a foot away, even movie …

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Do They Love Ya? 4 Talent Retention Mistakes to Avoid


Who doesn’t want to retain top talent?.

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It’s a whole new (leadership) world!


What a pleasure working with this talented leadership group in Mumbai, India!  

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How can YOU hire the best team? See our new White Paper!

Diverse business group

It’s been a Monday. You haven’t even had your coffee yet and you just want to put your head in your hands. On your way into the office, one of your managers located in another city called to say she just fired her assistant—over the phone. As you turn on your com­puter, you hear two …

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Want to develop new business NOW? 3 lessons from the road

now tomorrow yesterday

Like many of us, I´ve logged a fair amount of travel time this year. No matter whether you´re on an airplane on the way to a client visit or in your car on the way to a property, you might as well make the most of it. I admit that for me, almost anything is …

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