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Got Conflict? 5 Strategies to Help You SOLVE It

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It’s been a Friday.  It isn’t even 9 am and you just want to put your head in your hands.  On your way in the door, you hear two of your top managers in the midst of a verbal tussle.  Immediately you see an email from your accounting manager regarding a missed deadline. And before …

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Where did all the customer service go?

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So, where did all the customer service go? I’m afraid it’s all gone to the dogs, as the saying goes. Superior, delightful, attentive customer service, that is.  Just yesterday, I had an outstandingly difficult customer experience with a major worldwide hotel chain.  Routinely confirming my hotel reservation in advance, I discovered that my name  had …

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Do They Love Ya? : 4 Talent Retention Mistakes to Avoid

gold number 4

Sometimes it’s good to take a lesson from TV…

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Customer Service: The Eyes Have It


How do you define exceptional customer service? There’s no doubt that great  service begins with our ability to connect with our customers—both internal and external, each and every time. Consider that experts say that it takes us only 2 seconds to decide how we feel about someone and I think you’ll agree that it pays …

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Want a More Productive Workplace? 3 Tactics to Get You Started

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How productive is your workplace? Today the buzz is not only about productivity, it’s about how it translates to performance.  I found some great tactics to get you started in Jones Lang LaSalle’s white paper on the topic:  “Workplace Productivity: Workplace Strategy’s Transformative Role”. Here’s my take on their tips: Leverage your workspace: Sure, we …

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