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Need a killer meeting? 7 strategies you can use

Do you dread the thought of going into yet another meeting? You’re not alone. Even the most seasoned executives feel their stomachs clench at the prospect of a challenging meeting. No matter how many (or how few) participants you have, just getting everyone on the same page at the same time can be a major …

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How can YOU hire the best team? See our new White Paper!

Diverse business group

It’s been a Monday. You haven’t even had your coffee yet and you just want to put your head in your hands. On your way into the office, one of your managers located in another city called to say she just fired her assistant—over the phone. As you turn on your com­puter, you hear two …

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Want to develop new business NOW? 3 lessons from the road

now tomorrow yesterday

Like many of us, I´ve logged a fair amount of travel time this year. No matter whether you´re on an airplane on the way to a client visit or in your car on the way to a property, you might as well make the most of it. I admit that for me, almost anything is …

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Got Conflict? 5 Strategies to Help You SOLVE It

Persuasion-two angry men slide

It’s been a Friday.  It isn’t even 9 am and you just want to put your head in your hands.  On your way in the door, you hear two of your top managers in the midst of a verbal tussle.  Immediately you see an email from your accounting manager regarding a missed deadline. And before …

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Want to Win at Negotiating? Top 10 Tactics

handshake-man and woman dreamstime

  Do you need negotiating tactics and strategies you can use today?  Here are my top 10. No matter what business you’re in, you likely have to negotiate, every day. We’re all so hyper-connected these days that it’s easy to overlook the impact of a few essentials for negotiating. What are yours?   1. Do your homework. …

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