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I was lucky. Early on in my career I worked for a manager whose first task everyday was to get out of her office.  No doubt she had piles of paperwork, as we all do. But she made it her mission to go through different departments, chatting with employees, from housekeeping to the front door staff …

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Where did all the customer service go?

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So, where did all the customer service go? I’m afraid it’s all gone to the dogs, as the saying goes. Superior, delightful, attentive customer service, that is.  Just yesterday, I had an outstandingly difficult customer experience with a major worldwide hotel chain.  Routinely confirming my hotel reservation in advance, I discovered that my name  had …

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What Does the Fox Say? 4 strategies you can use


Want to make your business communication really stick? Try these 4 tactics you can use today! C’mon, admit it: this is one of those songs that just get stuck in your head, with nearly 400 million viewings, according to YouTube estimates. I don’t think it much matters that this song makes absolutely no sense. What does matter …

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The Dark Side: 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Your Customers

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Want to keep the customers you’ve got?  Here are four ways NOT  to lose your customers. 4.  Rely solely on electronics: Sure, almost everyone is connected 24/7 these days, but sometimes you just have to look up from the keyboard. If you really want to differentiate yourself and your company, think about making actual, personal contact with …

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3 Business Tactics I Learned from a Chef


Want to channel your inner Julia Child and help your business? I admit that I’m no stranger to Food TV, however my newest inspiration came from an in-person cooking demonstration given by Chef Zov Karamardian from Zov’s Bistro. You never know where your best business strategies will come from, food included. I am fortunate to …

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