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Do You Deliver Exceptional Service? 4 Questions to Ask

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Grab a cup of coffee and ask these 4 questions.

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What’s YOUR Leadership Challenge?

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Tactics to retain top-tier talent.

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Are You Persuasive?

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How will you persuade YOUR clients?

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What’s Your A-ha Factor?

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You’re getting ready to pitch a prospective client. You’ve written your proposal, created the best team and highlighted how your product or services will benefit your potential customer. Reviewing your proposal just one last time, you know there’s something else you should do, but you can’t put a finger on it. What on earth is …

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6 Succession Planning Strategies to Use Now!

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 60 minutes is all you need to come up with some great ideas for your company’s succession planning!   Try a brainstorming session! This is a good way to facilitate meaningful, strategic discussion with your group on a sometimes-tough topic. Typically, I’ll recommend a longer SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) session, but this is good …

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