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In our consulting work at ACG, we’ve discovered that clients often have similar issues. Often, it comes down to 3Rs and a C:

Reputation: Most often, we’re trying to expand our reach into a new product line or discipline, or a different geographic area. What’s crucial? We all need it, and a solid foundation is critical.

Repeatability: Here’s the key. Your customers simply want to know that you can successfully do what you say…and that you can do it again and again. The problem? It’s not that easy.

Resources: It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities and forget how to harness our most valuable resources: our people.  What are the essentials? Hire the best of the best, give them what they came for and let them do their jobs.

Customer-focused strategy: We all like to talk about ourselves, that’s a fact.  The trick here is to focus on the flip side of that coin: the one with our customer front and center.

Here are the key ways in which we’ve helped our clients capitalize on their core strengths, develop a repeatable model for success, boost growth and solve problems. Are you interested in results? Contact Shannon:


A client ready to expand its reach

The Client:

Our client, a real estate management company and owner, was poised for growth in a thriving sector of the industry.

The Situation:

Although the firm had owned property for a long time, they had not yet established a reputation as a first-class management company.  Our client’s goal was to expand its management business—our task was to make sure they were ready to roll. The issues at hand were: Read more »