It’s a whole new (leadership) world!


What a pleasure working with this talented leadership group in Mumbai, India!  

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Top 10 Tips for Creating a Bio that Sells

number 10

Take inventory: Be sure to assess who you are and what your area of expertise is before you begin writing your bio. Literally take a look at yourself, i.e., “I am Ann Johnson, a business development consultant in the commercial real estate industry.” Be brief: Preparing a short bio means it should be, well….short. Don’t …

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What Does Your Message Say? Key Questions You Can Ask

It´s a fact.  Communication and transparency count in today´s workplace, more than ever before. While it´s true that you don´t have to tell everyone everything, clients and employees who feel that management communicates well with them are more likely to want to work with- and for- you. When I work with companies on how to …

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Want New Growth? Try these 2 Tips for a Fresh Perspective!

It´s interesting what you can pick up just by listening to the buzz around you. I´m at a conference this week and have come away with a lot of good tips, to be sure. Perhaps the most timely and useful ones are the nuggets I´ve picked up from just keeping my ears open. Try these …

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Sometimes it's Best to Begin in the Middle

It´s amazing to think we are already halfway through 2011! For many of us, summer is winding down and budget preparation for 2012 is just beginning.  While working on a variety of strategic plans over the years, I´ve learned it´s important to consider the following: Everything isn´t always linear. I spoke with a colleague recently …

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