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Your presentation of “What’s Backstage Counts” was relevant and timely to the challenges faced by multifamily property managers on a daily basis. Not only was the information well presented, but the knowledge gleaned from your pre-session survey helped bring the message home about the importance of preparation to a successful management and leasing effort. It was evident from the response of the attendees that they not only enjoyed the content of your presentation but the enthusiastic manner in which it was delivered.  We appreciate the great work you did for us.

Jim Carrillo, CPM-Vice President
The Towbes Group, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

“OUTSTANDING customer service program ! Not only have you shared with us some of the best practices in customer service, but you’ve led by example with your exceptional efforts to provide great value and personal attention to our whole team. Thank you for caring so much about us!


Tracie Moran-Dir.of Marketing
United Paving Co.
Orange County

“Alter Consulting Group came to my rescue when I needed help with a management proposal with a fast turnaround. Shannon put herself at my disposal, even though she was travelling, and worked with me over a weekend so that I could submit the proposal on time. Because of her painstaking attention to detail and her ability to communicate not just the type of content required, but the best style and tone to set, was an education in itself. Shannon is a real pro, in every sense of the word.”

Liz Walker, CPM- President
Reliable Property Management
San Jose, California

“Shannon, thank you for sharing your valuable expertise and time with our Mihaylo Leadership Academy students. Your sessions on Dealing with Difficult People and Management Styles will serve the MBA graduate students well as they pursue excellence in their professional careers.

Dr. Anil Puri - Dean
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Fullerton, California

“I recently attended an informative and interactive presentation on speaking strategies that Shannon provided for the CREW Orange County Board, I found her tips quite insightful and helpful. Shannon provided concrete strategies and very valuable tactics I could begin using immediately.”

Ruth Brajevich - Chief Marketing Officer
Ware Malcomb
Orange County
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