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Does your team crave leadership development? Give them the strategies and tactics they need to take your company to the next level with our management and leadership custom workshops. Take a look at a few of Alter Consulting Group's popular featured programs below! All of our workshops can be delivered in 1-hour, half-day or full day formats (except "Winning New Clients", which is a two-day workshop).


Winning New Clients: The Art of Sales & Presentations

Who doesn’t want to boost their business?

If you want to create an exceptional team, connect with your clients and win new business, our two-day workshop will give you concrete techniques and confidence in soliciting new business.

Sample topics for this workshop include:

  • Marketing Yourself and Your Company
  • Make Your Pitch: Turn “Cold” Calling into “Hot” Calling
  • Developing your Management Proposal
  • Conquering the Jitters

Workshop includes pre-session participant survey, advance “homework” and mock client presentations. Detailed agenda available upon request.

Alter Consulting Workshop - Whats Backstage Counts

What’s Backstage Counts

Your Talent Advantage

If you´ve ever been to a great play it´s easy to tell when there is something special onstage: the effort is seamless and there´s a sense you´ve exceeded your expectations. It´s also clear when there is a glitch: an actor repeatedly misses the mark, the story is inexplicably convoluted or worse yet, you´ve fallen asleep. In reality, it´s what´s behind the curtain that makes all the difference in the final production the audience sees. The same is true for our leadership teams: what´s backstage really does count. Core communication skills, creative problem-solving abilities and leadership are at the heart of today´s workplace. If you want your team to learn and apply the 3 core behaviors of exceptional leaders, this workshop is critical for your company. In this interactive workshop, you´ll learn how to turn strategically market your team and your company.

Say It With Success - Alter Consulting Group - Shannon Alter

Tune Up Your Presentation Skills!

Many accomplished business people confide that they have a secret fear of speaking in public. Rising and experienced managers alike can boost their confidence, polish their presentations and end anxiety now with this participatory workshop. Whether your managers are preparing an important client presentation, meeting with a prospective customer or speaking to a group of employees, this workshop will turn fear into confidence. We´ll show your team how to create an opener that sells, conquer stage fright, successfully handle distractions and create winning presentations each and every time!

Alter Consulting Group Workshops - Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters

Your Guide To The Real World

It´s true: the talent war is on! In today´s global environment, companies recognize that good talent is hard to find. Make sure your team has a road map for their future, starting with this interactive workshop. It´s critical for new members of your team to learn the skills, behaviors and knowledge that will help them make their in the real world and add bench strength to your management team. For rising leaders and experienced managers, finding and developing a great mentor-mentee relationship can be an essential ingredient to both personal and corporate success. As John C. Crosby said, “A mentor is a brain to pick, and ear to listen and a push in the right direction”. This workshop will teach your team how to develop leadership potential, expand critical skills and make the most of mentoring relationships.

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Additional workshops, information available upon request:

Leadership Development

  • Managing Difficult People
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Lessons from the Shark Tank
  • Managing Up
  • Are You Distracted? Secrets to Time Management

Real Estate Best Practices

  • Building the Management Company
  • Rethinking Retail: Shopping Center Management & Leasing
  • Helping Small Tenants Merchandise
  • Strategies for Working With Small Tenants
  • Hands-on CAM Strategies