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Does your team crave leadership development? Give them the strategies and tactics they need to take your company to the next level with our management and leadership custom workshops. Take a look at a few of Alter Consulting Group's popular featured programs below! All of our workshops can be delivered in 1-hour, half-day or full day formats (except "Winning New Clients", which is a two-day workshop).

Alter Consulting Group Workshops - Turbocharge Your Team

Turbocharge Your Team

Turning Reality TV Into Marketing Gold

Just watch one episode of the television show ´Undercover Boss´ and you´ll see what successful (and unsuccessful) team motivation looks like.Think about what it costs to replace an employee, attract a new customer, or bring in another client.For companies today, it´s all about solving a client´s problems and about becoming an employer of choice. Smart employers recognize the value in having-and keeping– motivated employees: it´s the key to their business success.

In this interactive workshop, you´ll discover how motivated employees help the best companies improve performance, enhanced their bottom line and attract talent. Learn 7 critical questions to ask and come away with tips and techniques you can use to build and develop a motivated workforce from the start!


 Building Relationships: Earning Trust & Respect

Whether you’re an experienced manager or just starting out, it’s sometimes difficult to determine how to be effective in the workplace without stepping on toes.  For today’s managers, the keys to success often center on their ability to earn trust, credibility and respect.  In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss the intentional qualities that make the world’s top companies successful and how understanding these valuable assets can help guide your career path.  In this interactive workshop, we’ll focus on strategies you can use to inspire and earn trust, both personally and professionally.

You’ll come away with these strategies:

  • How successful companies inspire trust
  • The impact of employee engagement on trust
  • 4 ways to cultivate credibility
  • 5 questions you can ask
  • Tips on becoming the expert



How to get what you want and what you need

Think about it: we all persuade people in our everyday lives. In the business world, we persuade our clients, our employees, our customers and our counterparts to take action. We motivate and influence others to buy a product, negotiate a deal, hire an employee or make a decision. When it comes to acquiring new business, developing your managers´ persuasion skills will put your company ahead of the pack.

In this interactive workshop we´ll provide strategies and techniques to maximize your ability to persuade and influence in the workplace, understand the Dos and Don´ts of office politics and prepare your team for the job ahead!

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Exceptional Customer Service: Lessons from the Shark Tank

Do you want to kick your company’s customer service up a notch? Delivering extraordinary and exceptional customer service every day will help your company keep existing clients, AND get new ones!  Be sure to include our seminar “Exceptional Customer Service: Lessons from the Shark Tank”   in your company’s performance strategies for 2014. This personalized session is made to order for any team.

In this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get-and-keep your customers connected
  • Diffuse difficult situations
  • What to do when generations collide
  • Cultivate 7 tactics from the tank

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